Catskill Mountains advocates call for $15M to preserve region

ARKVILLE — The Catskill Watershed Corporation, which oversees the sensitive underground water system beneath several Greene County mountaintop communities that feeds New York City reservoirs, is up for $500,000 in grants for shovel-ready access and stewardship projects across the Catskill Park.

As a member of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation, Assemblyman Chris Tague, R-102, called on Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos to allocate increased funding to maintain resources in the Catskills, such as Kaaterskill Falls, he said.

“The Catskills are one of New York’s great gems and they deserve the same focus and attention as any other beautiful part of the state,” Tague said. “I will always advocate for prioritizing the beauty of the Catskills. They are a national treasure and have so much to offer residents and tourists.”

Organizations seeking to protect the Catskill Mountains are calling on state legislators to provide a total $15 million in investments in the Catskill Park in the 2019 state budget.

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