Eight-Foot trout arrives in Roscoe

Mid Hudson News, May 17, 2008

ROSCOE – Trout Town USA greeted the 2008 fly-fishing season by catching an eight-foot trout. The creature is a carved-wood, chainsaw sculpture by Fred Avila of Walton, which will grace the front of Verona’s Sunoco and Country Store on Old Route 17. It is part of Roscoe’s downtown gateway improvements, led by the Roscoe-Rockland Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Sullivan Renaissance and the Gerry Foundation.

8 foot troutThe Chamber’s Business District Enhancement Committee is coordinating Roscoe’s involvement in the Sullivan Renaissance Program. This program, aimed “Beyond Beautification,” commits three-years of funding and technical support to communities that have successfully completed beautification projects in the past and now seek to address longer-term community development goals.

The project title “Roscoe Gateways” celebrates Roscoe’s place as a gateway to the Catskills Mountains and to the region, while welcoming visitors and residents into downtown. This effort builds on past projects around the hamlet that garnered recognition and prize money from Sullivan Renaissance. These include landscaped borders and beds, seasonal flowers, directional and business signs, and an information gazebo oriented to visitors exiting Route 17 westbound at Exit 94.

The Chamber is collaborating with the Roscoe-Rockland Garden Club, local volunteers and youth groups to accomplish an ambitious schedule of spruce-ups and maintenance on past project sites, while adding new design elements that tie them together within a unified sense of place.

The initiatives for 2008-2010 emerged from a Visioning Workshops sponsored by Sullivan Renaissance and conducted by Community Planner Helen Budrock in 2007. Budrock continues to support Roscoe’s efforts through the Category C Program. The Business District Enhancement Committee emerged during these workshops, and members remained together to continue the work that had begun for downtown.

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