New York’s 2008 Congressional Earmarks

Citizens Against Government Waste published its annual list of congressional earmarks (they actually call it the Congressional Pig Book list).

Of course, what one person calls wasteful spending, another person calls bringing home the bacon, and now that Democrats are in the majority, New York was supposed to be getting more federal money.

The state made out with a good portion, particularly in the Catskills, where Maurice Hinchey brought in $43.7 million.

Here is a list of what some members from New York, and a few from elsewhere, brought their districts, according to the list. (It’s in numbers of millions):

New York City:
Gary Ackerman- $20.9
Joe Crowley-$29.8
Carolyn Maloney-$23.1
Greg Meeks-$6.2
Jerry Nadler-$14
Anthony Weiner-$8.6
Jose Serrano-$13.8
Charles Rangel-$11
Nydia Valezquez-$3.7
Vito Fossella-$0
Yvette Clarke-$4.3

Freshman Democrats from New York:

Kirsten Gillibrand-23.8
Michael Arcuri-$28.9
John Hall-$20.4

Others worth noting:

Tim Bishop of Long Island-$32
Steve Israel of Long Island-$16.2
Peter King of Long Island-$21.3
Nita Lowey of Westchester-$27.9
Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island-$23.1
Maurice Hinchey of the Catskills-$43.7
Randy Kuhl of the Rochester area-$23.5
Mike McNulty of the Albany area-$17.2
Brian Higgins of Buffalo-$23.7
Denis Kucinich of Ohio-$8.1
Rahm Emmanuel of Illinois-$22.3
Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader-$149.1
Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker-$91.2

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