Catskills deserve better than Exploitation

A recipe for disaster …


* 1,700 acres of Catskill real estate.

* 2,500 electronic slot machines.

* Potpourri of drifters, prostitutes, footpads, sharpers, criminals (small time),organized crime (big time).

* Donald Trump.

Stir, serve, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

But wait, I can hear them saying, he didn’t mention the 3,000 jobs. Ah, yes, the jobs. There are always those promised jobs dangled as bait to tempt the wary.

A renaissance for the long-suffering Catskills that have seen hard times since the decline of the summer resorts that began some 40 years ago. That’s how this latest bid to bring a little bit of Atlantic City to Kiamesha Lake is being sold.

That’s a good thing?

According to The New York Times, Trump has joined forces with the Mohawk tribe of St. Regis, which is up on the Canadian border in case you’re scoring. The Mohawks, who have persuaded themselves that they hold legal rights to land their ancestors never claimed to own, sought permission several years ago to transform the Monticello Raceway into a combination resort, racetrack and gambling hell.

Trump, who didn’t cotton to competition that close to his own gambling hell in Atlantic City, successfully fought the Indians with the help of several obliging politicians.

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